Monday, 14 November 2016

How to Ensure Better Conversion of Any Page

The main purpose of any business website or sales pages is to get the landing user signing up for a purchase. If not, we try to give that user a good reason for following the page in order to make sure that he/she will come back to the website.

Well, there are no set methods that you can apply to turn your website visitors into buyers. It means that a method that would enable a website to help in conversion might not do the same for other websites. With that said, all we can do is keep trying to discover the most suitable strategy that would help in further conversions.

There are some techniques which should be kept into considerations. These techniques are the ones that can be applied for the optimization of any website or page.

Better keyword research to facilitate the visitors
The state of internet today is perfect for the ones who wanted to make their chiropractic SEO strategies more people-oriented rather than just for search engines. Nevertheless, the typical SEO, which used to target search engines only, is not dying. Hence, what you basically need is the better keyword and phrase optimization in order to make your page show up even when a user enters the complex queries. Keep it in mind; if you are capable to answer the tougher questions, you are more likely to get sales more than others in your niche.

Google Adword is undisputedly the leader in keyword optimization but there are several other tools that can help you further in performing better keyword research and optimization.

Sitewide call to action
Make sure that design elements of your website are consistent throughout the website. This is the better way you can make your website giving the users a path to get aligned with your agenda, i.e. making sales.

One good option here, if you are running a Wordpress website, is using HelloBar. The main features of HelloBar include:
  • Not much in size with respect to the real estate
  • Customizability
  • Convenient to install

With Google discouraging large overlay ads, you will be able to get a good size of real estate free. HelloBar will fill that space and that too for good.

Call to action based on referrals
Referrals can help in more effective targeting than any other methods. For instance, the users landing through twitter pages on your website will feel to be privileged in some way if the call-to-action they see accompanies the word ‘Twitter’.

The tool that you can use to create such different call-to-actions is PadiAct. It’s very easy to install and you can integrate with your email list management system with great ease. You’ll just have to make a new rule for referrals while creating a form. Image below should demonstrate the process.